More to Come​.​.​.

by This Side of Eve

More to Come 04:46
Did you find your Sunday best Am Laying on the floor Dsus Waiting to be put to the test Am
 Simply looking for more F I ca’t keep up with the pain While you look through the glass For the reward still to gain That you’ll steal from the mass Hold on tight G There’s more to come F So much more to fight C ’Til we make it home F So many pieces of the crown Am Everywhere I turn Dsus Wearing me down Am Like the fire that just won’t burn F You wear your heart on your sleeve But still we wait and we pray And the more that I cleave The more I’m in the way Hold on tight G There’s so much more to come F More to fight C ’Til we make it home F Hold on tight There’s so much more to come Hold on tight, hold on tight
Holding On 04:05
Catching up the light We made the best of our way home Cause if I know myself Pushing and pulling Toward something I can’t see So far from me Cause the light that shines in me It shines in you Catching up some light to pull us through Catching up the light We left the dark times behind Grasping but nothing there Catching onto sight Of something better than before Further down the road And the promise of the light is strong Yeah the promise keeps pulling us along And the promise of the light is strong Yeah the promise keeps pulling us along
Tell me a different tale One not of these last days Tell me something beautiful A memory that cannot stay Remember just last summer The joy, the warmth of the sun The summer sun has long since faded Cold winter is setting in Chorus: I can’t believe I’m losing you Over these last days When the darkest days of winter Keep knocking at our door I know that time is passing Like clouds on a summer day Shape of our lives shifting Some things I hope will stay Chorus: I remember the scent of morning You walked out and and held onto me The rain has passed, the clouds are gone I know the we can still hold on I can’t believe I’m losing you Over these last days When the darkest days of winter Keep knocking at our door I wish the wind would blow warm again I know the sun will shine again But I can’t believe I’m losing you Over these last days
Pulled by the weight of it all Crouched in the corner of my living stall Scared to truly raise my head Enter unknowing, leave the land of dead I cry out But their silent screams I cry out But it’s in my dreams I cry out, I do On my own I can’t see Can’t find the road for me, stay with me My cage grows tighter, slams to the ground I look for you in every sound Chorus I’m looking for solid land In a sea of sinking sand I’m waiting for rescue to come When in truth, I will accept now I can cry out, I will cry out Can you, will you hear my shout Chorus
I’m trying to find the tune that suits you The one that will wrap and hold you like it should It’s lying beneath the melody of life Straining the ears to my soul There’s so much more To go under your feet To give like the sand But not admit defeat I don’t want to stray before I know you The lines of your windblown face that tell your story The twists and turns are the lies that I bear When I trip and fall on my truth and yours You suit up your scars To protect from the heat But the cold and the numb Are to blame Give way to the melting of my soul And find the dark surviving in my core You break on through because you can’t go back Can’t go back to the end and the start of me Is your coat of arms Enough to hold The pride that goes so deep In you and me Can you cry enough for us both When my tears have all run dry I’m trying to find the tune that suits you The one that will wrap and hold you like it should


From John -
Recorded and written during a turbulent time for our family and for us all. The record began coming together just after I visited the protests at Standing Rock and finished just a week before the 2020 presidential election. During those years we slowly worked on these songs and battled our own demons in, with and through these songs. Finalizing the album during the COVID-19 pandemic, the continued struggle for racial justice, and a quest for climate action often made the album's release seem unimportant and meaningless. But, alas, creative expression by all of us might be the best countercultural medicine for ourselves and our world. Just a few weeks ago I sent the unfinished songs to my friend Tim Engelhardt hoping he might create the cover art. When he told us the music made him feel like he wanted to listen to it in front a warm campfire next to some old hemlock trees I knew the music was ready for the world. So, here it is - More to Come.

From Alyssa -
Many of these songs were written and recorded during some of the darkest days of my life. Grief, pain and even despair seemed to fuel the fire within. My hope is that the this music grants space for the pain and grief we all share. But that fire within also shines light. Light that we often strain to see and work tirelessly to tend. May we also catch the light in between the pain.


released January 1, 2021

All Lyrics and Music: Alyssa Mann Creasy and John Creasy

Art Work by Tim Engelhardt

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 Recorded in Nashville, TN.
Alyssa Creasy: Vocals, Keys
John Creasy: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kenny Hutson: Electric Guitar, Mando Guitar, Pedal Steel on tracks 2, 6, and 7
Nate Duggar: Electric Guitar on tracks 1 and 3
Lucas Morton: Bass, Piano, Synth, Guitar, Accordion
Jeremy Casella: Synth, Programming, backing vocals on Take Me Down
Will Sayles: Drums & Percussion on tracks 2, 6 and 7
Graham Blecher: Drums & Percussion on tracks 1, 3 and 5

Produced by Jeremy Casella
Engineered by Eric "Keller" Janner & Jeremy Casella
Mixing by Jim Dineen
Mastered by Bengt Alexsander

Tracks 4, 8, 9 and 10
Alyssa Creasy - Vocals
Libby Hilf - Backing Vocals
John Creasy - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Lap Steel, Synth
Chris Hilf - Bass
Bill Adams - Bass on track 4
Ian Darwin - Drums and Percussion on track 4
Ian White - Drums and Percussion
Lauryn Shapter - Violin

Produced and Engineered by John Creasy
Mixed by John Creasy
Mastered by Bengt Alexsander


all rights reserved



This Side of Eve Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This Side of Eve consists of Alyssa and John Creasy and their many talented friends who have contributed to their music over the years. The newest release is full of the sounds that John and Alyssa are known for, beautiful vocals and song writing.

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